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The Cleansing Gift Set

The Cleansing Gift Set

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The perfect gift for skincare lovers and newbies alike! These two unique cleansers are staples in any skincare routine, and are guaranteed to leave your skin supple and fresh. Whoever said natural skincare was ineffective or boring hasn’t met these two beauties yet.
1 Plum Crazy Clean (1oz)
1 Rub-A-Dub Eucalyptus Scrub (2oz)


Plum Crazy Clean: There comes a time in every skincare aficionado’s life when the hunt for the perfect oil cleanser must end. That time is now, friends. Oil cleansing is typically part of what’s called a double-cleanse or dual cleanse method, where one uses an oil cleanser followed by a traditional foaming cleanser. Only here…you won’t even need the foaming cleanser because this is JUST.THAT.GOOD. Not too oily, not too sticky, rinses off clean with water, and leaves skin feeling nourished, clean, and radiant.

Rub-A-Dub Eucalyptus Scrub: The product that started it all. Similarly to our Plum Crazy Clean oil cleanser, the search for the perfect facial exfoliant was a long and arduous one. Most facial exfoliants are crude, damaging and uninspired. From the very beginning we knew ours would be different and instead of looking at it as a physical exfoliant, we thought of it as a moisturizer than just happens to also exfoliate. No matter your skin type, this will invigorate and tone your skin, taking dull, dry and even sensitive skin to happy, refreshed and radiant skin.

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