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Plum Crazy Clean

Plum Crazy Clean

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Oil cleansing balm that won’t strip you skin

There comes a time in every skincare aficionado’s life when the hunt for the perfect oil cleanser must end. That time is now, friends. Oil cleansing is typically part of what’s called a double-cleanse or dual cleanse method, where one uses an oil cleanser followed by a traditional foaming cleanser. Only here…you won’t even need the foaming cleanser because this is JUST.THAT.GOOD.

Not too oily, not too sticky, rinses off clean with water, and leaves skin feeling nourished, clean, and radiant.



🌿PLUM KERNEL OIL - The star of the show!! Plum Oil is an anti-aging, multi-purpose oil that balances, restores, and refreshes the skin. Full of antioxidants, omega fatty acids 6 & 9, polyphenols, pro-Vitamin A & E, this incredible oil helps protect the skin from damaging free radicals, adds luster to the skin, and just happens to smell great too.

🌿ROSEHIP SEED OIL - You’ve probably heard of Rosehip Seed Oil lately, and for good reason — this stuff is incredible! Another “dry’ oil, which means it is easily absorbed by the skin. Loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, Rosehip Seed Oil hydrates, boosts collagen formation, is anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring, fights sun damage and hyperpigmentation…and the list goes on.

🌿CASTOR OIL - Rich in emollients to soften and soothe skin, castor oil, with its low molecular weight, is known to penetrate deeply into the epidermis.

🌿SUCROSE LAURATE - A sugar ester (sucrose + lauric acid) that works as an emulsifier and oil thickener. It's a great ingredient to make oily gel cleansers that turn to milk on contact with water, which is precisely how it’s used here. 100% natural, it gives the basis for a gentle, yet effective, moisturizing oily gel cleansers.

🌿GLYCERINE - One of the best known natural moisturizers, Glycerine is a safe and effective moisturizer that keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy state. It also protects against irritation, and helps to restore our moisture barrier, a key to healthy skin!


HOW TO USE: Thoroughly massage balm over DRY skin, rinse well with warm water, pat dry, and follow with your favorite moisturizer or oil.

Warning: For external use only


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