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Chartreuse by Night

Chartreuse by Night

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Turmeric-infused hydrating night cream

Somewhere over the rainbow we dreamt of that perfect mix of nourishing yet firming night cream, and when it just wasn’t anywhere to be found, we decided we should just make it ourselves. Welcome to the party, Chartreuse by Night! A stand-alone night cream, or for added moisture, we like to mix it with our Potion No. 9 or Rosehip Seed Oil. Wake up to the softest skin this side of the Mississippi…whichever side you live on :)

Like our favorite summer-time daily lotion, Rose and Shine, this nighttime facial cream is jam-packed with natural oils, butters, and extracts. As always, we NEVER pad our products with fillers like water, ethanolamine compounds (DEA or TEA), or PEGs.



🌿GLYCERIN WITH HAND-INFUSED TURMERIC & GINGER - The turmeric leaf is derived from a plant that grows extensively in India, other parts of Southern Asia, and Africa. In cosmetics turmeric helps keep the skin soft and smooth, make the skin glow, and reduces pigmentation. We hand-infuse our glycerin with a mix of fresh turmeric and ginger resulting in an invigorating, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory cream best suited for nighttime.

🌿SHEA BUTTER* - A powerhouse of a nut butter!! Shea Butter contains allantoin, vitamin A and E, and various lipids (e.g. stearic and oleic acids). This potent moisturizer provides effective skin protection, has soothing properties, and improves the appearance of aging ski.

🌿RICE BRAN OIL WITH HAND-INFUSED CALENDULA FLOWERS - There many benefits associated with Rice Bran Oil - It is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. It is known to improve skin elasticity, hydrates the skin, boost and renew skin surface. As an added bonus, calendula helps to sooth and hydrate the skin, and is a known anti-inflammatory ingredient. Perfect for helping the skin rest and recover overnight!

🌿HEMP SEED OIL* - Hemp seed oil has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any vegetable oil! Because it contains a high amount of essential fatty acids, it makes it an important ingredient in anti-inflammatory skin care formulations. It is also a non-greasy, emollient and moisturizing compound with excellent anti-aging and moisture balancing properties.

🌿JOJOBA OIL - Structurally and chemically, Jojoba Oil is very similar to the human sebum produced by the skin's sebaceous glands. It is non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic with a non-greasy feeling in use.

🌿CARROT JUICE - A valuable source of Vitamin A, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all of which protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. Nutrition received from carrots helps to reduce photosensitivity to promote skin renewal and protect the skin from sun damage. Sounds good to us!

*Certified Organic


HOW TO USE: Apply desired amount to face, hands, or body. Best if used at night on dry, clean skin

Warning: For external use only


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