Our Story

Our Story

The story starts with my mom’s dermatologist. Odd place to start—I know. In casual conversation I learned that my mom’s dermatologist had recommended a sunscreen to her and reassured her it would double as a daytime moisturizer. I was a few months into my Organic Skincare Formulation course, and immediately red flags went up—this seemed too good to be true! What was this magic? And if it truly could provide sun protection and moisture, why was my mom's skin still dry?I promised my mom I would look into the ingredients and get back to her. Feverishly I researched every last one, and just as I suspected, NOT. A. SINGLE. INGREDIENT had even the hint of moisture in it.

This is the frustration I feel day-in and day-out with traditional skincare products. Products are filled with ineffectual and cheap ingredients, that while may not harm your skin, definitely do not help it.

Do you ever think... 

Are all these things necessary? 

Are they all beneficial? 

Or are they mostly just...cheap...shelf stable...and safe enough? 

Plus/Minus Skincare is a conscious skincare company formulated with bio-derived, organic, and EFFECTIVE ingredients that ACTUALLY change your skin for the better.

As consumers become more conscious of what goes into their... 





Maybe it’s time to think about the largest organ of all...your skin. 


as conscious of what we put in, as what we leave out